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I just recently had my Seville in to replace the air conditioner compressor. It is working great. The problem now is after I got it back the display is malfunctioing. It goes on and off whenever it wants. I don't know if this is a short or what. I spoke the mechanic and he stated there were no electrical items he had to mess with. I don't know if it is a coincidence or might it be related to the compressor install. Is there a reset that might correct this problem. The air conditioning works with no problem and so does the radio but no display can be seen there either.

The display briefly came on and said "no pcm" and "no sirs" so I take it the code or something for the display has dropped off. I'm guessing because I don't know.

:bonkers: :crying2: :bonkers: :crying2: :crybaby: :crying:

Any help would be appreciated!

my email is [email protected]

Thanks in advance
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