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1993 DeVille Part Identification help...

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I am working on my grandfathers 1993 DeVille and this one part keeps turning on every so often when the car is off and has been for quite some time. It will run for a few seconds and then turn off. It will happen 10 seconds after you turn off the car or sometimes it will be 10 hours, totally random. Trouble is his batery keeps getting charged down and I dont know what this part is. Here are some pictures of the part. I hope someone knows what this thing is. Also there is no part number or anything stamped, written, or stickered to the part. Thanks for the help if you can.

Again thanks in advance if you know what this part is.
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Thank you Ranger. Many of the posts that Ihave read say that your answers and advice should be take as fact, so I am glad to get a reply from you. I had a hunch that that is what it was, but my grandfather didn't seem to think so. I will let you know how it turns out once I fix the leak.
Ranger, I founnd one leak today but am having trouble tracing the lines back from the rear to the front of the car. Do you know where I can find a routing diagram or something of the like? Thanks again for all the help.
Ranger said:
FSM is the only place I can think of.
Not to be dumb, but what is FSM?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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