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1993 cadillac deville roadster.............unless you really want the whole thing...

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going to let her plates expire this February 28th....still driving her. 193,360 miles and still hauling with style. I must say that there are no adequate words in any language to express my gratitude( and all the blessings I have asked the Creator to bestow upon the designers, makers, craftsman and engineers of this car!! I has been an honor to have owned and driven this vehicle--I wish I could restore her to pristine condition...

I am the 3rd owner and originally this car was a retirement present from Sears to a retiring big wig ( thus it is a ROADSTER-- not a lot of these made to my understanding) . White paint, red interior. deluxe trim package.
the 16 year old did munch the rear drivers side-- but everything still works! ( lights, blinker, reverse lights, et al ..)

as the oldest son is a mechanic and can take apart and part out the entire vehicle, I know there is quite a market for real parts.

NOT selling the Bose speakers. NOT selling the front suspension parts ( have a second Lac the same year). the transmission my mechanic son says is " going"

YOU pay for shipping and I am only asking 50% of other retail sites prices. half the money will go to the mechanic son, the other half to charity....

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