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1993 Brougham radio upgrade

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My Fleetwood has a radio and cassette with auto EQ. I want to upgrade to the same with the addition of a cd player. Where can I purchase an OEM radio?
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Check Ebay often, because they pop up from time to time. Trouble is, there's a LOT of other people looking for the same head units and the bidding tends to get a little outrageous. Here's the section you'd find them in:

There's also a site that allows you to search the parts inventory at a lot of salvage yards, nationwide, for specific parts. I've found several of the CD/cassette units on here too:

I was trying to find one too, so I could replace the standard cassette one in our '93 whose tape player crapped out, but I ended up not. Never drove the car enough to ever want anything more than just basic radio, which still works great.
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Yep. From the factory, the Fleetwood's stock stereo/speakers actually sound pretty good and are decently strong, so if you want to keep the stock look, finding one of the rarer CD/cassette combo units is your ticket.

Too bad most came from the factory with cassette only--but then again, judging by the typical buyer back then of these cars, they most likely never even used the cassette player, let alone know what a CD is.:cool:

I was tempted to bid on the last one that was just on Ebay, when it was still in the $40-50 range; thankfully I stayed out of it, because before long, it, I think, hit the $300 mark--a true testiment to how much in demand they are.
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