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1993 Allante - Fuel Pump Relay - Schematic

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Can anyone post or send a schematic of the fuel pump relay or do you know which wire number provides power to the electric fuel pump. I want to pump all of the fuel from the tank.

Mike from Cle
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Mike if the car will idle you can just hook the hose to the schrader valve on the fuel pressure regulator start it and let it idle.take about 10-15 min to drain tank.



Mike sorry that only works on the 87-92 s on the 93 you can power up the pump from under the hood on the pass side you will see a i think a green wire with a gray plug not connected to anything this iwas used at the factory to prime the fuel will have to make up a hose to run off the fuel filter to drain the tank.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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