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I finally did it!

0-60 in 7.93!!!!

I got to a long straight,flat road, and I powerbraked, let off the brake, floored the gas, (no tire spin, not even a squeal) and then I held on and watched my speedo, when I saw it hit 60, I hit stop on the stopwatch, looked down and it said 7.9327. I was so happy! I thought I would be lucky to crack 8.2 seconds.

It was 41* outside, I had 6 gallons of gas, about 30lbs in the trunk, It was just me inside, nothing in the cabin that wasnt necessary, 112,391 miles on the odometer. Otherwise, the car is in great running condition, everything works as it should. I did not shift it manually, I just put it in Overdrive and nailed it!

I'm so glad I cracked 8 seconds! I tried this earlier on the same road, and got 8.8 because my tires were spinning a bit
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