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??? Early FWD ??? - - -IF the struts/shocks were the F45/FE3 (performance) active types with electrical connectors, a 4.7K Ohm (4,700 Ohm) resistor jumped across the 2 wires in each connector will "fool" the RSS/CVRSS suspension module. RadioShack, pack of 5 is about $1.50 - 1/2 or 1 Watt carbon type. Buy them from a shock/strut aftermarketer and they're a cutesy $50 block - each.

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Is there any way to bypass, after front shocks have been replaced with regular shocks?
not positive on the eldo -
but adding a relay takes care of that message for the Deville -


I got a $4 generic relay at the parts store and it worked great. It is very easy to do this install. It took me about 15 minutes. Here are more details in case anyone is interested:

Parts needed: generic relay (most have the same numbers as in the above directions: 85,86,87a, 30) . The relays are on the shelf near the fuses at most parts stores. Some quarter inch female terminals, a couple of feet of 16 or 18 gauge wire, two splice doohickeys for tapping into wires without having to cut them. A couple of small wire nuts.

1. Locate the module in the right rear compartment of trunk.
2. Locate three wires: Red (circuit 370) I think this is C15 on the plug, Brwn 12 V ( C16)this is near the red wire and black ground (D15) is also near the red wire. The shop manual 800-43-14 shows the diagram with the correct labels.
3. Wire the relay as described above. you only need to cut one wire, the red one. The black and brown can be tapped without cutting.
4. After wiring is done you can attach the relay to the board with a small screw, there are several locations for doing this.

That is it.
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