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Speedometer Odometer Auto part Gauge Measuring instrument Speedometer Auto part Odometer Gauge Measuring instrument Hello and thanks for any help. I have a 1992 Cadillac Eldorado where the instrument panel LED lights are fading away, or dimming and brightening constantly. Now my LED lights on the factory radio work fine, they do not dim or fade on their own, only will dim when dimmer switch is used. But on the instrument panel, the LED lights fade to where they cannot even be seen anymore. I have swapped out a whole new instrument panel, and the same thing happens to the one I swapped out??? The lights will also dim even more if I use the dimmer switch to dim the instrument panel cluster?? Has anyone else ever had this issue? These instrument dash clusters are used on the STS model as well for several years.
Thanks for looking at this post. I look forward to maybe figuring this out. It gets frustrating when I can't see the climate control LED panel lights.
Thanks much in advance! Best regards, Marty
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