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Hey its me again. I might be overexaggerating with the "rust bucket" part, but there is a decent amount of rust underneath. Looking for some recomendations for undercoating. Most of the underneath is ok, the frame in the rear, some parts of the body underneath, the shocks, and parts of the front (steering, transaxel) have a prettey decent ammount of rust. Can anyone recommend a good way to undercoat? I was originally considering scraping/sanding off the loose rust and spraying a coat of Rust Converter, then a coat or two of Rubberized Undercoating. Is this safe to do myself? more importantly is this safe to do period? Lastly, where can I find the front two "bumper protectors" that are mounted on either side of the license plate holder? they were ripped off when I bought it. I attached pics of the front and underside. with old tank and in the shop (without tank).
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