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I have read post after post, video after video, and more article than you could imagine. My Devile went from running nEar perfect to a no start no nothing condition! Battery is an AMG thats less than a year old, headlights don't dim when you turn the key, doesn't mater what gear you've selected you get the same! Nothing! Tested my relays by the glove box and they test fine. Relay clicks like it should when you turn the key to run

After that I can tell you its between the relay and the neural safety switch. I have pose on the yellow wire near the column when the key is switched to run and off like its supposed to. I do not have power entering or leaving the neutral safety switch. Any idea other than follow my yellow wire to the relay then back to the neutral safety switch? Yes I've checked all guides resumed and maxi.

On maybe a unrelated note periodically I lose the display for the fuel center and get a code for loss comm. Please help. I'm going to loss my job
FIRST - check for codes -

so - what systems/components affect the starter -

the SECURITY system -
resistor chip in the key -
the chip reader in the lock cylinder -

lock cylinder itself -

ignition switch -

neutral safety switch -

starter relay -

starter solenoid -


main POSITIVE cable at the starter -


all the wiring between these components -


my GUESS would be the ignition switch
1 - 2 of 2 Posts