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1992 Deville makes popping noise when accelerating

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my '92 DeVille does a "popping" routine....I refer to the noise as more like a "flapping" sound and only during normal
acceleration at 20 to 40 mph....the noise also responds to the rpms of the engine.....seems to come from under the car
at the engine.....most audible while maintaining--say--35mph. has 28,000miles.........anyone???
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Good afternoon - Your post has been moved from a thread dead for 4 years. Your 1992 engine is very different from the one in the 1999 thread, so advice there will not work for you.

Welcome to CF !!!! :highfive:

Flapping sound that is RPM related. :hmm: It almost has to be serpentine belt related. Have you looked in that area?
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