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1992 Cadillac Brougham 5.7L
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Hi everyone, I am writing this because I need some info on my engine and car(things I can do for modifications, suggestions, trouble spots of the car and drivetrain, etc...) I have a 1992 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance with 94000 miles/152000km on it (and a brand new paint job!) with the 5.7L 350 L05 engine. I also need to know my diffy gear ratio, transmission type and other things that are important!! Here is a list of things my mechanic has done on my car:

-change engine oil
-change transmission oil

-change differential oil

-change air filter

-change transmission filter

-change oil filter

-change gas filter

-change breather

-change PCV valve

-clean injectors

-flush radiator

-change spark plugs (platinum), wires, distributor, rotor

-bleed and clean brakes

-check timing with gun

-changed belts

-change frost plug

-change differential bearing

-changed 4 shocks (2 air shocks)

-fill up all fluids

-removed catalyct converter, put a resonator

I'm goint to change my TPS sensor and my Oxygen sensor along with all my breaks soon. Any suggestions on things I missed?? (Maybe hooking the car up to a computer and testing the ECM??) Any info would be appreciated...

Thanks everyone!!

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OK, the TBI 350 makes 185 horse at 4200 rpm (net) and 300 ft. lbs at 2000 rpm. If you have the tow package, you have an 8.5 inch 10-bolt rear end with a 3.73 ratio. If it's the coachmaster package, you have the same with a 3.08 ratio. The engine has a 9.8 compression ratio. The tranny is a 700-R4 / 4L60. This is the same drivetrain that occupies so many of the half-ton pickups from the late 80s to mid 90s. If you want to mod the engine, a head swap and cam would be the best place to start.

The heads have great fast burning characteristics but their flow properties leave much to be desired. Either port the heads or swap to vortecs or, if you're willing to spend the money, some AFR or Trick Flow. The cam in this engine is very mild, and a cam swap will do wonders. The lobes are small and the separation is wide, after all, it's a work truck engine that's supposed to run forever reliably. Of course, if you swap heads or a cam, you'll have to change the PROM as well, but that's a small price to pay for the increase in power.

One of the easiest things to do for a little extra power is the basic tune-up, and to junk the AIR pump, if you have no catalytic convertor. Since the AIR injection doesn't do anything but pump air into the exhaust to help burn unused fuel, it increases temperatures and draws engine power. If you don't have a cat or are planning on removing it, take the AIR pump out and remove the internals. Re-install it, and it won't draw any power off the belt drive.

Another good booster would be to change the coil and the module. Although the stock pieces work quite well, a stronger spark does nothing but help.

I recently installed a tranny cooler on my 90, I went with a Permacool, 2 sizes larger than I needed, and bypassed the radiator cooler completely. It was over $100 but money well spent, the thing is huge and should keep the temps at 150 or lower.

Of course if you have the time, dropping in a 500 or a 383 stroker......Best of luck!


1992 Brougham D'Elegance
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Since this thread is about the 1992 Brougham D'Elegance, I thought I should ask my question here. I have this model, but, with the 5.0. I may need to replace my radiator & the places I have checked ask, with or w/o engine oil cooler. How can I tell? I have never been asked that question about a radiator before & was quite baffled. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you in advance!!
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