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1991 GMC Sierra SLE LB Extended Cab... 750.00??

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Soooo there is a 1991 Sierra SLE Extended Cab longbed in my apartments with a sort of flat rear tire with a For Sale sign in it that says 750.00. The bottom kick panels underneath the extended cab area are rusted out on one side and about to rust through on the other, but otherwise a quick walk around revealed nothing scary. The paint is in decent shape with no areas of visible oxidation (though its surely been repainted), all the chrome looks in tact, the wheels are the steel kind with the chrome trim rings. The interior is also not torn to shreds as I thought it would be, though the headrests are mysteriously MIA. It also has a very nice camper shell on the back.

Assuming the thing still runs, might this be worth scooping up and working on? I cant imagine you can go much wrong with 750 bucks.
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Your in ST. Petes now ,
what the heck are you driving now
Get a vert!:thepan:
lol NOOO!!! No more Lexii for me. One was enough to learn me my lesson on just how bland those things are. I actually have my eyes set on a VW Phaeton right now... but that aside Im tired of driving that Hyundai Elantra around... I need something a little more masculine again lol. I thought this truck was a good little find.
My dad just bought a black 95 E320 on ebay. I forgot how much I loved W124 Benzes. You get out of them and you feel clean, superior, and perfect, like you just ethnically cleansed a small european nation. Was $8000 with two-year comprehensive warranty.
Jesda said:
like you just ethnically cleansed a small european nation.
Get the truck man :)

first, its just flat out cool.

But you can ALWAYS use a pickup.

The nice thing with pickups is, as they get old, beat up, rusty, loud, dents, fading paint etc....

its cool. :)

Keep it running good, then drive it around, thats all.... don't gotta worry about door dings or getting it dirty, it isn't like my Cadillac with fading paint that looks crappy.... but an old Silverado, hell take it off road and have some fun :)

I say go for it... but an extended cab and long bed is one long wheelbase :)

BTW Welcome (back?) so St. Pete... I'm just a bit North in Clearwater :)

If it has a sign on it for $750... I say offer $500 in cash and then take yourself out to lunch and rent a movie with the money you save :)

What year Elentra? manual trans? (only way I could survive with a 4 banger)While I like Hyundai, I agree, beat up old Silverado is much more macho the a new Hyundai Elentra :)
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Im actually in South Tampa, right across the Gandy Bridge basically... in that area.

Yea, thats what Im thinkin about the truck too... it might need some work, but old trucks are just nice to have around.

The Elantra is a 2000 Automatic GLS.
heh, Gandy bridge eh?

Cross that over to St. Pete, hit 19 North and I am about 10 mins up, if that :)

eh... 2000, those Hyundai's aren't like the new ones....

Yeah, go for the truck.... it would be cool, plus you could always sell it for what you put into it.

It has a 350, right? damn... can't go wrong with a SBC :)
Heres some pictures from my camera phone:

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Wow man!

I love the extended cab (hate 4 full doors) but I don't like that long bed... short bed would be better.

Sicne that is such a common part on the Chevys to rust (like Fords floorboards) you can get patch panels for the whole corner, if you are good with a sawzall/welder, it would be cheap... otherwise maybe $100 shipped for both sides of the cab, then bring it to some private welder guy... I dunno, under $250 I bet you could have that rust fixed.

I *HATE* rust/rot... sadly, it is the one thing on a vehicle I am just horrible with (bodywork in general)

Dosn't look 4wd to me... that sucks... then again it is Central FL, you don't really need it :)

That generation ran until 1997, everything is interchangable.

The aftermarket for the truck and engine (4.3 V6, 305 or 350... dosn't matter) is huge.

$750, its worth it by far! I stand by my origanal statment, wave $500 in cash in the dudes face and you'll have the title in no time!

I, personally would SO much rather be driving that Sierra then a Hyundai Elentra....

Hell, once you sell the Hyundai, but the truck do some repairs it may need and get it on the road, you'll STILL be ahead of the game.

First thing to do.... if it needs new tires, don't cheaper out and get car tires... get some nice 30" raised white letter off road tires... it'll make the truck look soo much better.

What are ya waiting for! if that was me in your spot, I woudln't want to be waiting any longer... somebody else is gonna get it.
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Your are not in ******* country any more.
You got sunshine all year around
Get a convertible!
For $750 - sold. Obviously after a good highway test drive.
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