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1991 Deville 4.9L Anti Lock light illuminated?

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My 1991 deville is running great again. One question...My anti-lock light comes on each time I drive and stays illuminated. My brakes work great but I do believe the anti-lock feature may be disabled some how? By a faulty sensor? Any Help would be appreciated. The Fuse is OK for Anti lock System.
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Usually it is a wheel speed sensor gone bad. It was in my case on a '92. Do a continuity test on all 4 wheel speed sensors.
Just returned from Vacation. Thanks Ranger. Need help locating wheel speed sensors.
They are in the hub & bearing assembly. The plug is on the inboard side of the hub.
I had the same problem with mine and wound up replacing both of the relays for the ABS under the hood. Never had a problem since!
Without a scanner to give you a proper code will have you replacing parts t'il you're broke. Pay 60.00-110.00 to have it scanned and get the fault code b4 replacing anything. Or live without anti locks.
Just because your neighbor replaced a wheel sensor on his right front and your wife's car had a right rear go bad, doesn't mean this is the same for your car.

You can buy a subscription to alldata and get a detailed wiring diagram and learn how to test circuitry and play process of elimination, time consuming but effective.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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