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1991 Deville 4.9 hesitating

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i have a 91 deville. it only seems to hesitate really bad when it is low on gas between 2-5 gallons in tank. It is reallt bad in turns seems like it is running outta gas. i replaced the tank last week because when i bought it had a small hole in it from something being ran over in the road. I bought it off a friend of mine is it possible that he didn't keep much gas in it because of the hole that maybe the fuel pump is buring out from not being keep cool enough. I changed the filter already was going to try the pump next and a new sending unit while i'm at it. Thanks for any help.
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Was the replacement tank new? Early '90's Devilles have been known to have tank baffles go bad causing fuel to slosh away from the pump in low fuel situations resulting in fuel starvation. If it only happens when you are low on fuel, the easiest and cheapest solution is to keep it above 1/4 tank.
Yes it was a new tank. Wondering if I should just go ahead and change the pump and sending unit. Not sure if it was ran low alot or not. Thinking maybe the pump may be going bad. thanks for any help.
The best way to be sure it is the pump is to put a fuel pressure guage on it with a long hose, tape the guage to the windshield and watch the fuel pressure when it occures. That said, if it only happens at 1/4 tank or less (and never with more fuel) I would not suspect a bad pump.
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