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I have need help with an air conditioning/climate control problem

Started a couple weeks ago, the service air condition light would come on
intermittantly now the auto position on the climate control will not stay engaged.

I mean that when in econ positon if you push the auto button auto flashes and go back to econo and the air conditioning does not come on nor does the compressor engage. also when you push auto button the service air light comes on.

any ideas would be appreciated


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Probably low refrigerant. This is a common prob, had it on my 1991 and charging made it go away - for a while. The system had a leak [and yours probably does too since it's a 90] so the charge lasted about a season and a half. Finally had to redo it all because the compressor siezed.

There is a sensor for refrigerant pressure, if it reads low it will force the A/C off (default to econ) to protect the compressor.

The bad part - this is an R12 system unless you've already converted it to R134A. At $80 lb going rate (here in St. Louis anyways) it's an expensive re-charge, especially to let it all leak out after 12-18 months.

If you redo it (new compressor, receiver/dryer, o-rings etc.) change it to 134A. This sytem adapts fairly well to the new refrigerant, unlike some others.

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