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1989 brougham rear main seal

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hello every one

i have a 1989 brougham with the olds 307 engine.
i need to replace the main rear seal.
here is my question i have heard that i need to raise the engine to replace the seal is that right ? and if so is there any way i can do it my self ? or do i need to take it to a shop to be fixed?

thanks for all your help in advance
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According to my service manual, which is the OEM Factory manual for an 89 Brougham, you do need to lift the engine, to remove the oil pan. The books also says that if the upper rear main seal is being replaced, the crank shaft must be removed.

So you would need an engine hoist and a car jack with a set of jack stands. If you do not have a hoist or car jack, or any of the other necessary tools, and especially the hands on experience needed to do this job, then I recommend that you take the car to a reputable garage.

If you do decide to do this job yourself, then I highly suggest that you purchase a Factory Service Manual. Here are a few on eBay.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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