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'87 SDV
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Nice find!

I'll have to check my Cadillac catalog to see if the touring coupe was an '87 only model. Basically what you have is a Coupe DeVille with a stiffer suspension, special paint, a front air dam and spoiler, fog lamps, and a slightly juiced 4.1 engine (which is a little like a high performance snail). Cadillac built them to compete with BMW and Mercedes 'personal luxury' sports coupes of the mid 80s. The car got a positive review in Motor Trend, one of the few times they were actually nice to Cadillac in the 80s. I have copy of the article; if you'd like I can scan it and email it to you.

As far as being collectible, don't hold your breath. Most Cadillac collectors don't have much love for the '85-88 DeVilles. Front wheel drive, troublesome 4.1, squared-off, downsized C-body platform styling (shared with Buick, Pontiac, and Olds). What you really have is a very cool driver.

But don't feel bad, so do I ('87 Sedan DeVille), and I love it!
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