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1986 FWB 307
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Hello All,

Need some advice on routing my vacuum lines in my 1986 FWB (307)..
I have the FSM, but for the life of me I cant seem to find a complete vacuum diagram.

There's one specific line in question I'm unsure of that is not shown on my emissions label or anywhere I could find in my FSM.
There's a manifold vacuum port sitting on top of the intake manifold (rear of engine) directly inbetween the carb and the distributor that I have a line coming out of it which leads to a check valve that splits into two.
From that check valve, I have one line going down the backside of the engine (I think it snakes through the firewall into the dash).....the other line from the check valve goes directly to the football shaped vacuum reservoir ball (reservoir with one connection) located @ the front of the engine bay on the passenger side.
It's screw to the inner side fender, right above the fuel vapor canister (EVAP canister).

Is this the correct setup?....or was there an additional tee between there hooking up to an additional connection?

Or better yet, does anyone have a *complete vacuum diagram for the 1986 307 model year?
...I've attached this diagram I found from another post/thread, someone drew this on their own (nicely put together), but I believe it was for an 87 model year 307 (which I think had a couple differences w/regards to routing) and it also did not show the routing for my question (maybe 87+ did not have this additional port?)..

Appreciate all your help!


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