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1986 Eldorado HT4100: No Start-No Codes

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This car sat for 7 years, was driven for 2 months and got to the point where it wouldn't idle, died and wouldn't restart. 125,000 miles and looks awesome. Here's what I've done since I got it...


plug wires
fuel pump
fuel filter
air filter
EGR valve (cleaned)
PCV valve
vacuum lines on Thermac (repaired)
Ignition Control Module

I cleaned the throttle body although I could have done more. I also think the fuel injector O rings, the ones on the bottom, are shot. There seems to be too much fuel blowing out and if I press on the top of the injector housing, gas bubbles out. This car sounds ready to start but reeks of fuel after a few turns of the key. Is it possible it is being flooded?

I have a factory service manual and there are presently no codes being displayed.
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