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1986 Deville Alternator

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I Just finished the repair/rebuild of my 1986 Coupe Deville with 179,800 miles. I have a small problem with the alternator. Sometimes when I start The car the NO Charge telltale light goes on. If I press on the wire harness connector at the back of the alternator I hear the engine rev down and the light goes out. Do you think it's the wire harness connector or the Alternator? If its the alternator can the terminals or connectoion be repaired? or is it better just to replace it. If it's the harness connector I am in for a bit more trouble I think.
Is there anyway to test it.

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It sounds like the alt is putting out enough juice, but the link is weak. The wiring harness connectors rarely fail, but they can get corroded. You may want to uplug the connector and thoroughly clean and polish both sides with some fine emory board. Pay close attention to the plug base on the alternator. It should be firm and not move. If it's loose, that's likely the problem.

I replaced my alt about two years ago, and it solved a bunch of minor annoyances. These cars thrive on constant, clean voltage.

If you do replace the alt, pay the extra bucks for an AC/Delco reman. The aftermarket stuff uses cheap bearings and brushes, and you'll be replacing it again in a year or two.
Thanks Noahsdad for the advise. the connector is firmly seated. My good friend Steve who helped me with the car over the last year thinks its the alternator not the harness. I will clean up both ends and reinstall the alternator see what happens. I will let you know the outcome.

Thanks Again,
Well, the alternator is being replaced I got Lucky and got a delco-remy remanufactured on Ebay for $75 bucks

Its a very easy job to replace so i can drive it before it gets cold

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