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1986 Cadillac Fleetwood

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Well, there is a used car dealership in the city, selling a 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood for 800$ or best offer... I'm not too sure of the specs, as I just took a quick look at it, and wasnt thinking about getting it, but now the more I think about it, I WANT IT! haha

So, I was wondering if someone has a good spec listing for these cars, and things that I should look out for. any info will help out ALOT! and I hope to be a part of the caddy community very shortly! :cool2:
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Is the Fleetwood like this:

Or Is it like this?

The first one is the Brougham, that is a very good car, RWD, Body on frame, very smooth, very reliable, but slow.
The second pic is the Fleetwood, thats a decent car with a horrible motor (4.1 Liter V8) The motor isn't reliable, and its very slow, but its FWD, and unibody
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I believe it is the first one, because it has the classic caddy taillights, and the turnsignals underneath the actual headlights.. Do you know where I can find specs on this car? engine specs, etc etc :) and it has a vinyl`ish top, that ends halfway on the roof ?
ahhh damn, I had to go make sure which model it was, so I took some pics, and its the 2nd one you showed :( do you still think its worth getting? when you say that motor is unreliable, how so ?

Here is some pics from outside the fence of the caddy for sale.. I didnt get very good pics, because its in a bad area of town, and I didnt feel like getting stabbed :p haha

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*bump* comeon, someone must know where I can find a bunch of info :)

actually, thread can be closed, I will put in the proper section :)
Alright, heres a good place where you can find specs:

The FWD Fleetwood rides a 110.8" wheelbase, is 195.2" long, weighs 3364,
and is "powered" by the HT4100 V8. 125hp @4200 rpm and 190 lb/ft @ 2200 rpm. A V8 W/ 125HP????? Yes thats right, and its very unreliable. he most common problem with these engines is neglect. If the coolant did not get changed on schedule and the required supplement added, there is a strong chance of head warp and coolant leaks into the cylinders. And
That said, reliability in the form of internal coolant seepage was the main factor in the 4.1 engine. And from what I understand, it was mainly an intake gasket problem, not the headgaskets...Though the later did happen.
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