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1986 cadillac deville power locks

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I have a 1986 cadillac deville and I can't my power locks to work. I have to manually lock them and when I try to lock them they just click. Is it my relay, actualtors, or my lock motors. Also where would I find these if its the problem thnks
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All 4 doors act the same way? Where does the click sound like it is coming from?
Its a four door and the three doors not including the drivers do it. Example when I try to lock the door using the power locks I have to move the switch multiple times before they actually lock/unlock. I lock the doors manual except dor the drivers because if I lock the drivers door manuall you can't open the door with the key on the outside. I checked the fuse and it seems ok what could be the issue . Your help is greatly welcome
Since it is 3 of 4 door that have a problem, I'm guessing that it is not something common to all the doors, like a fuse or relay. I would pull the door panels one by one and see if you have a sticky actuator or a linkage problem.
Get a can of white grease and lube up the moving parts of the lock if its just a sticking issue. mine were to the point where it took 10 tries with the button to lock my passenger door. The white grease cleared it up. Just try to no get any on the glass. Its a bitch to clean off all of the way.
What kind of white grease are you pertaining to? Does it have a name I going to try that and my reay also if that doesn't work then I have to invest in a new set of Actuators :(
Its in the automotive section of Walmart in a spray can. Only 2 or 3 bucks.
Just my thoughts. White lithium grease does not penetrate, it only coats. It also becomes very sticky. I always have best luck with a penetrating oil and/or engine oil. They will clear the gunk out and lube inbetween the moving parts. Ranger is right, they're sticking so lube the bell cranks. That is where the lock knob vertical action is transfered to the horizontal rod. Good luck.
My 90 had a similar problem when I bought it. I pulled each switch and a number of the posts had corrosion on them, cleaned them all with some 600 wet-or-dry and coated with dielectric grease and they all work fine now. You might want to take a look at yours, easier than pulling the door panel...I did all 4 doors in 30 minutes or so.
NJ huh. If you have a car that spent a great part of its life on the coast the wiring may get a bit corroded. Its worth a look though.
The Lithium Grease took care of my locking problem just great and who cares if it gets sticky cause it is behind the panels. Trust me go get the grease and your problems will go away. While you at it also spray the locks on the doors...
My 90 CDV had the same problem - and with only 2 doors I never got around to fixing it because I could just reach over if I had to. I would expect you need to lube the linkages and check the relay. The relay terminals on my 87 Monte Carlo carbon up periodically and the locks don't work - they twitch but don't change positions. If the terminals are carboned clean them with a pencil eraser. Not sure where the relay is - maybe behind the glovebox? There were some there in my 90 but there were others scattered all over.
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