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1985 Seville or Eldorado or a BMW 325 i?

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All three cars are in good condition. Mileage is at 100K. BMW is a convertible automatic. All have been serviced regularly. Seeking a dependable weekend driver that is comfortable a stylish. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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We're gonna need more information to make an informed decesion. We'll try to get something together, but it's hard considering that the cars you listed are kinda like the opposite ends of the spectrum.
Yeah, I agree. That is what makes the decision so tough. I want an "icon" of the 80's for a "fun car." I call a fun car one that I drive occasionally, enjoy driving, comfortable, stylish. But not an every-day car -- but one that looks good, is dependable, and could go the distance on a weekend long trip if needed. I guess I am stuck in the 80's, but that was college for me ... and these are the cars I dreamed of having one day.

Each car is about the same in mileage and condition. The Seville and Eldorado are loaded, clean leather, all options work. I have not driven either car yet -- only seen photos.

The BMW is a convertible. I drove this one. I always thought of a BMW as a luxury car, but there was not much luxury to this one. Kind of reminded me of a VW Beetle (sounds, interior, acceleration). Yet, the body design (exterior) is appealing in a way, and it was sort of fun to drive - like a jeep in some ways.

BMW fans say the E30 motor will run for decades with proper maintenance. I have always heard BMW's cost a fortune to maintain, but I have heard that about Caddies as well.

I don't know much about the 2 Caddies except they are both beautiful, well-maintained cars, and I think the Seville is gorgeous.

Any thoughts? Information to share? I appreciate your insight and time.
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This is a little confusing. Was there a reason for starting a second thread on the very same topic? Maybe I'm missing something? Wasn't the first thread sufficient?


EDIT: see:
:confused: Think about 1985 vehicles.....they're now (June) 23 model years old. Parts will, or are, becoming scarce. A 1985 Seville/Eldo and BMW 385i compare sort of like greyhound busses and econoboxes. Mid-80's engines and emission systems were slightly less than inefficient and primitive. Sure, there are 5.0 (302) Mustangs and such, but the two you're considering are dinosaurs, unless you want to build a special trailer queen.
I agree with The sub man. These are ancient cars, meaning parts are hard to find and expensive. Not something you want to have trouble with on a weekend far from home. Not that you couldn't get lucky and drive many miles in either without trouble.
The other thing that was mentioned, there's no fair comparison between the two. You haven't mentioned a preference; wind in your hair with a drop-top or yacht-like luxury. You need to chose or give more reasons for considering these two .
If you want an icon of the 80's, there are better choices; 5.0 (ragtop) Mustang, Camaro SS, Z28 etc, Corvette, and so forth.
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