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1985 Eldorado Baritz Convertible

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hey guys im trying to figure out.. what is the biggest size rim I can put on my car.. right now it has stock 16s i believe but I waswondering if 20s would fit on

i know it has the air ride suspension or whatever but if someone can answer this for me id be happy
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ive been wondering about this myself.. i have an 85 seville same car basicly im picking up my new wheels tomorrow 22" wires..

i went with wires cause what else are you supposed to put on this car? i hate the five spoke look on my cadis.. also i find they are much more adaptaple bolt patterns/offsets.... and this car isnt an easy one to size up.

anyways i am puttting 235/30r22 tires on them they are a high offset wheel with a 4.75 boltpattern on the adapter (knockoffs) the tires measure the same OD as the 245/45r20 tires that the wheel shop told you were the largest you could fit.... the 235's are also "skinnier" than the 245's....

so im not sure why your tire shop is telling you 20's are the largest........ maybe i will find out tomorrow haha but i think i will be fine... i will try to post pics once they are on.
ok so the rims i picked out are fine but they do not fit in the rear....... the 22" part is not the problem tons of room for this size wheel my offset is bang on in the front however the stick out 1.5 - 2" in the rear looks really stupid.

looking at the stock wheels on the other side of the car i notice that the stock wheels do the same thing they are wider in the rear? i have never seen anything like this and i used the front wheel to get my sizing correct.... this is on a SEVILLE im only assuming the eldorados would be the same.

so keep this in mind when sizing up your wheels. because now im thinking about customizing the rear end so the width will match the front wheels
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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