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1985 eldo convertible - child seat suggestions

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we are now flirting with spring finally in north jersey. im looking forward to cruising top down with the family soon. i have a 3 and 5 yr old and need to get them in the rear seats. the 5yr old is in a full booster, but the 3yr old is stil on a full strap in seat. how can i make this work with the lap belts in the back seats? i remember the days when we just sat back there with the lap belts on and thats it , but now i would get thrown in prison :mad:
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Domer, I just had to remove my rear seats to install new rear speakers. All you've got, as I recall, is those low lap belt mounting bolts to the frame. 3-4 of them. Just pop the lower cushion out by releasing the springs underneath and you can see it all well. The bolts are long enough to add at least one more seat belt mounting plate (whatever you call it). I'm not a dad though, so I don't know how carseats work.
No shelf on the convertibles. Behind the seat there's a kind of bag-thing that gathers the top when it goes down.
I was thinking he might be able to cut a slit in that convertible-top bag and run a belt up from the lap mount over the rear seat to secure to the car seat from the top. Not ideal, but could help. I'll take a look at the the rear sides when I get up the will to deal with my battery drain issue again…


This might be the dumbest idea ever, but what about a ratcheting tie down from the forwardmost part of the trunk opening, with a heavy steel mount that would fit in and let the trunk close, like for a ski rack?
Domer, see post #55 here for rear speaker replacement. I got the Kenwood KFC-415C 4x10" (standard mount in convertibles), new for $53 including shipping on Amazon from some non-Amazon dealer. Normally they're $100. I'm pleased with them.
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