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1985 eldo convertible - child seat suggestions

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we are now flirting with spring finally in north jersey. im looking forward to cruising top down with the family soon. i have a 3 and 5 yr old and need to get them in the rear seats. the 5yr old is in a full booster, but the 3yr old is stil on a full strap in seat. how can i make this work with the lap belts in the back seats? i remember the days when we just sat back there with the lap belts on and thats it , but now i would get thrown in prison :mad:
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You're legal if lap belts all your car came with, they don't like it but what you going to do.
Do a google search but it has been asked here before but not sure anyone has posted what they did.
You can get aftermarket 3 point setups. I've added to a couple vehicles over the years.
If there is a rear shelf you can mount top to those. You use a wide backing plate. Not ideal but can be easier than hacking into the sides and figuring out how to mount. Probably could find a newer car with center 3 point setup and adapt. They are very common now so may be something will work.
Well that limits his options then. Sounds like time to take a side panel off and see what can fit. I would suggest a non auto adjust shoulder belt that could have a simple mount that sticks up above the seat but with kids and seats and imagine it would be the best option.
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