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1984 Eldorado Info, please

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Hey All,

It looks like I will be re-joining the Cadillac brotherhood again (after too many years involving mini-vans and 4 kids...but I digress...) My very first vehicle when I started driving in 1982 was a 1972 Sedan DeVille...owned several 72's over the next few years until about 1994, when I last had a Caddy in the stable...

I am picking up a 1984 Eldorado tomorrow. Car drives pretty nice, interior is pretty good shape...will need paint very soon, but overall decent body...All but 1 filler panel is in very good shape....

Will be needing to fix a passenger window that stopped working on the guy in the last few weeks (since I had first looked at it until now...)....New struts to hold up the hood...stuff like that...

I would love to know more about running codes thru the info center (or wherever it is done...I am starting to read up a bit on these forums)...How do I check for codes, where can I find out what the codes mean, etc.

Also, anything that I should be aware of/check first thing when I get it? Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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Thanks Ranger....I appreciate the help!

Are there any things you could think of off the top of your head that I should pay particular attention to that may not show up on a diagnostic check? Things that the 84 Eldo's are "notorious" for?

Thanks again...
Man, I hate people sometimes....


Let me start this off by saying that I work retail, so I am used to people being stupid....

So I am getting ready to take possession of the car today...I had talked with the owners wife on Tuesday, when we agreed on a price. I wanted to go get it that day, but they were going to be busy for a few days, and she said Friday would be the best day. I offered to go pay her that day, but she said we could just do everything Friday....Seemed like everything was going to be fine.

She calls me at 6:35PM today, so that we can get together for me to take delivery. She said she just walked in, wants to get the kids settled, yadda, yadda...will call me at 7PM to have me come by. I call her back twice after she doesn't call me at 7. She finally calls me back at 7:25...her husband is now thinking that he wants to think about it a bit more, he may want to keep it, or put a few bucks into it to see i they can get more $$$ for it, etc. etc.

She then says that she never really CONFIRMED the sale price with her husband, and that he doesn't want to get rid of it now, etc....I could have driven down to the house (4 blocks away from work) and throttle her!

I told her, whatever, it is her prerogative to do what they want with the car, but if she called me back again (she pulled something like this once with me a few weeks ago, but not this badly) it was going to cost her money for every day that goes by, and that was even if I was still interested...She kinda poo-pooed that idea, and I ended up essentially hanging up on her mid sentence.

Anyway, thanks for all your help, and letting me vent here...the search is back on...there has to be a Caddy out here in NJ for me....I just have to keep looking....
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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