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1984 Eldorado Info, please

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Hey All,

It looks like I will be re-joining the Cadillac brotherhood again (after too many years involving mini-vans and 4 kids...but I digress...) My very first vehicle when I started driving in 1982 was a 1972 Sedan DeVille...owned several 72's over the next few years until about 1994, when I last had a Caddy in the stable...

I am picking up a 1984 Eldorado tomorrow. Car drives pretty nice, interior is pretty good shape...will need paint very soon, but overall decent body...All but 1 filler panel is in very good shape....

Will be needing to fix a passenger window that stopped working on the guy in the last few weeks (since I had first looked at it until now...)....New struts to hold up the hood...stuff like that...

I would love to know more about running codes thru the info center (or wherever it is done...I am starting to read up a bit on these forums)...How do I check for codes, where can I find out what the codes mean, etc.

Also, anything that I should be aware of/check first thing when I get it? Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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Famous for rear disc brakes not working. Lack of using the parking brake for years causes rear caliper pistons to seize. To verify, put car in gear then depress the parking brake and hold it down, then slowly remove foot from regular brake pedal. If the car creeps forward, rear brakes not working!! Usually needs 2 rear calipers to fix. Eldos require air shocks on the rear to keep them level. Most 25 yr. old shocks are not only worn out but leak air. Look thru behind the rear tire to see if the've been replaced. This engine needs antifreeze changed every 2 years without fail and sealant added per the decal on the fan shroud. Failure to do this will cause engine camshaft failure at a minimum and crankshaft failure at the worst. Check both front outer axle boots for maybe being torn. Window issues are usually the master switch on the driver door. Common for the smog pump belt to be loose which causes the alternator to slip causing a weak/ dead battery. Left exhaust manifold comes loose and leaks exhaust under the sheet metal heat stove to the air cleaner.
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Regarding the power window inop. 50% of the time you can hold the switch in the direction the window does not move and with your other hand bang the door panel in the center of the lower carpet with a closed fist. Over the years, the window regulator gets dry from years of rain water rinsing away the lube and the glass will bind which binds the motor. If the window now works, remove door panel and lube the tracks. Good luck! Factory timing spec is 10 degrees. Car will run better at 12 degrees and should not ping on 87. Regarding the rear shocks, EVERY Eldo had level ride, so air shocks are required for the proper height and proper ride in the rear.
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