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1984 Eldorado Info, please

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Hey All,

It looks like I will be re-joining the Cadillac brotherhood again (after too many years involving mini-vans and 4 kids...but I digress...) My very first vehicle when I started driving in 1982 was a 1972 Sedan DeVille...owned several 72's over the next few years until about 1994, when I last had a Caddy in the stable...

I am picking up a 1984 Eldorado tomorrow. Car drives pretty nice, interior is pretty good shape...will need paint very soon, but overall decent body...All but 1 filler panel is in very good shape....

Will be needing to fix a passenger window that stopped working on the guy in the last few weeks (since I had first looked at it until now...)....New struts to hold up the hood...stuff like that...

I would love to know more about running codes thru the info center (or wherever it is done...I am starting to read up a bit on these forums)...How do I check for codes, where can I find out what the codes mean, etc.

Also, anything that I should be aware of/check first thing when I get it? Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Man, I hate people sometimes....

And the moral of the story is fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
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