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1984 Bairritz Convertible Cadillac
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I Cleaned Switches for the 4 ELECTRIC Windows on 1984 Cadillac Eldorado (2 door) Convertible -- NOW---- The Passenger front window works-- The 2 rear panel windows --I can hear a slight Click when I operate the Switch Up or Down... There is NO CLICK when the DRIVER DOOR switch is operated up or Down...

I sprayed the window slides and gears with Quitrol( Like WD --40

Any suggestions on accessing and cleaning the REAR Motors --THE Motors for the REAR Windows--- DO NOT APPEAR EASY TO ACCESS-- I removed the INTERIOR IN THE REAR OF THE CONVERTIBLE -- THE Motors appear to be installed at the very bottom of the Rear Quarter Panel and Near the Rear door/Lock Pillar -- The 1984 CAD Eldorado Convertible was made for Cad by ASC..THANKS FOR ANY HELP OR Suggested Resources
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