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Part 2- Repair of antenna that has a broken cable end(s)
Now that the antenna has been removed as in Part 1 we now have to open the motor/ winding spool housing and remove mast.
Do the project seated on a well lit table as some of the pieces (clips) can fly off.
First the four tubular rivets must be drilled out from the housing.
Next carefully remove 5 outer clips.
Gently pry open the housing going around the perimeter. They sometimes have a white silicone (poured) that you should carefully scrape off. When opening try to have the cable spool side down.
Now the mast can be separated.
Now is time to inspect the cable for breaks.The breaks usually occur at the end connections
Repairing the end cable breaks-
Start by removing/unscrewing the nut at the tip of the mast. The center mast rod will now slide out of the mast.
Remove the circular tube connector end from the spool.
*note now is a good time to clean the inside of the housing and spool. remove old grease and clean up electric contacts on motor. Apply dielectric greases to contacts and new grease to worm gear and bottom of spool.
You will notice the cable was inserted into tubular ends. You must use heat(propane torch/bbq lighter) to melt the broken cable end.I GENTLY put the tubular end in the vise(DO NOT crush) and gently pulled the melting cable out.Only do this to an end that has a break. Be sure to melt/drip all of the plastic out after pulling out the center wire. Once the tube is empty you will notice there a 2 pairs of tiny dimples near the entry point of the cable. These must be carefully reamed out from the inside. I used a drill bit .
Insertion of original cable into the tubular end-
You might find your cable will now slide back in tube with a bit of WD 40. One of my cable ends needed to be sanded to round the end. They will go in. Might need to gently sand the last couple of inches of the cable. Once in, carefully use a center punch and tap the dimples to secure the cable in the tubes.

Time to re-assemble-
carefully reinsert center rod into the mast pulling the tip and antenna to almost full length. Insert curved tubular end in the spool carefully closing the two halves of the housing with mast in place. Put 5 perimeter clips in place. Screw tip on end of the center rod.

Now time to test-
attach 12 v leads and the mast should lower and turn itself off. Switch the leads and the antenna will raise and stop. If not start over again.

I had success with 2 of these antennas that now work perfectly, for the 1st time in 20 years only thing is that they are 4-6 inches shorter. Probably can't tell difference as radio reception is the same.

Also found the original 4 rivets to be overkill as the 5 clips are adequate. I only replaced one rivet with a nut and bolt .NOTE-Not put a bolt thru the center of the spool as it could causing binding.
I didn't see a need to seal with silicone adhesive as the antenna assembly resides in a protected dry area inside the right fender.The 5 perimeter clips are very tight.

As I used the original pieces the repair job cost......$0.


....Part 3 antenna re-installation coming soon!


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