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1979 Eldorado - 350 Olds motor - fast idle problems

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I have a 79 Eldog with the 350 Olds fuel injection motor. When I start the car, and its in park, the motor runs super, super fast!

I removed the breather and figured I would just turn the idle screw to slow the motor down a tad, then I discovered the idle screw cant be adjusted as it does not have a visible head on the screw.

Is they're anyone out there that can help?

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There is a fast idle thingy on the throttle body. I think it's a kinda round black plastic thing and it should be plugged in. I think it just twists out but this is all off of memory 20 years ago. When they used to fail you didn't have a fast idle, just a slow idle. Hopefully yours may just be a vacuum leak somewhere.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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