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1979 Eldorado - 350 Olds motor - fast idle problems

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I have a 79 Eldog with the 350 Olds fuel injection motor. When I start the car, and its in park, the motor runs super, super fast!

I removed the breather and figured I would just turn the idle screw to slow the motor down a tad, then I discovered the idle screw cant be adjusted as it does not have a visible head on the screw.

Is they're anyone out there that can help?

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So if I can located the thing that unplugs that you mentioned, and just unplug it, will that help fix the fast idle problem im having?
Are you talking about the throttle linkage itself?

Or does the fast idle have anything to do with the long spring thats hooked into the throttle linkage?


Okay I kinda get what you're saying now. I will look for a secondary spring hooked to a valve behind the air breather on it tomorrow.

Thanks for your expertise!
Hello gmaior!!! That name fits you perfect!!! Thanks for the picture also. I did everything you said to the T.

You are right on the money, that piece does control the idle. I unplugged and unscrewed it, however mine is missing the actual spring itself.

I do have another 79 Eldorado which I bought for the motor, but now its shaping up as a parts car.

I am going to remove the part from the parts car and see if the spring is still attached to the part.

So the spring must be a very important component right?
Would you happen to have a picture of the coolant temp sensor?
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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