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1979 Eldorado - 350 Olds motor - fast idle problems

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I have a 79 Eldog with the 350 Olds fuel injection motor. When I start the car, and its in park, the motor runs super, super fast!

I removed the breather and figured I would just turn the idle screw to slow the motor down a tad, then I discovered the idle screw cant be adjusted as it does not have a visible head on the screw.

Is they're anyone out there that can help?

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If you remove the air cleaner and towards the back of the throttle body there is a fast idle valve. It is spring loaded. when it fails it will cause a high idle. Either the micro switch on the side failed or the valve itself failed. You can push straight down on the valve while the engine is running and see if the RPMs drop. There have been post about people shimming the valve to make it work. Also could be the coolant temp sensor at the front right of the intake.
No its not on the linkage. It's actually in the throttle body. its toward the rear and has a flat two wire connector that plugs in. It is spring loaded and you can push down on it. Auto part Metal
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1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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