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1977 Fleetwood need to replace trunk lock !

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Someone told me to drill out the rivet....then what ? Are there instructions anywhere on the web for doing this? I don't want to get it wrong, it's a nice car !!! It appears that I have to find a way to remove the rotating cadillac emblem trim on the outside of the trunk, is the rivet the only thing holding this on? Once I drill out the rivet, will it just come off in my hand and I can access the lock cylinder from the underside of the trunk lid? I don't have a rivet tool, is there another way to reassemble?

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There are actually 2 rivets holding the swing away crest cover. Drill them out, then the cover falls off. THEN, there are rivets holding on a plate at the bottom edge of the trunk lid. Drill out those rivets, then you can get access to the slide on fork like retainer holding the lock cylinder to the lid. All of this is to prevent trunk theft. On my crest, I simply used self tapping stainless screws to hold it on. Same on the plate at the rear of the lid.
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