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1977 Eldorado Biarittz

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Does anybody have information regarding a chrome front bonnet piece that fitted on the bonnet above the grill? This was possibly an option.
When it was fitted you do not see the block Eldorado word on the front of the bonnet.
I cannot find this option listed on any original dealer brochures and so far have not seen it on countless photographs that i have googled.
I have however seen it on a 1977 Eldorado Biarittz that I am interested in purchasing.
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Thanks for replying unautherized. This Eldorado Biarittz has this fitted already and appears to be to be in good order. No rust or damage and very neat fit. My concern is that it may not be a genuine option and you are thinking the same.
The fact that the ELDORADO wording is not on the front bonnet does concern me,otherwise this is a Cadillac in very tidy condition and very nice to drive.
Can anyone else shed some light on this accessory? Thanks.
Will try and put a photo up. Not sure how.
Thanks for replying guys. Appreciate the feedback. Looks like I will not buy this one. Shame though it is very nice.
Will still try and post a photo if anyone can help. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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