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1977 Eldorado Biarittz

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Does anybody have information regarding a chrome front bonnet piece that fitted on the bonnet above the grill? This was possibly an option.
When it was fitted you do not see the block Eldorado word on the front of the bonnet.
I cannot find this option listed on any original dealer brochures and so far have not seen it on countless photographs that i have googled.
I have however seen it on a 1977 Eldorado Biarittz that I am interested in purchasing.
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Not factory.....but absolutely no reason to pass on a good car! Easily removed, just allow some money for buying a replacement grill. Those screw on from under the hood and as long as paint is good under it is easly swapped back. IIRC it is six screws that the PO should be glad to let you pull off to check the paint condition.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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