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1971 472 Ignition swap to HEI

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Hello everyone, this is my first post. I just re-purchased my 71 coupe D from my uncle. I sold it to him in 1995 for $700.00 (beer money). I told him I was looking for something to tinker with the other day, and well you know. He put a new set of tires, reworked distr., new fuel pump. and drove it on weekends for the last 12 years. Sold it back to me for $ 700.00:) . I put a new thermostat, tightened belts, then had to rebuild power steering pump gaskets, checked plugs- good, replaced wires. The car runs somewhat smooth (running rich) as long as you ease into it. Once you get on it, it bogs down. I have read that replacing the points with HEI really helps. Also what about the clearance with the belts. Thanks for any replies.Scott
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I have the same problem with my 1970 Eldorado. When taking off from a dead stop, it bogs at off-idle. But it is fine once I get going. I can tromp on it and it will accelerate great. It's only getting from idle to driving. Tap the gas and it starts to die. Too lean? Too rich? Or something else?

My carb was leaking a lot and I suspected that my accelerator pump diaphragm may have been bad. But once I got it apart, it was actually fine (although there were a couple of things needing to be replaced). So I'm now looking for something else to point the finger at.

I'm also interested in converting to HEI, mostly because I don't want to deal with the finickey nature of points and changing them every year.
If you want to put in a HEI, to keep the belt from rubbing the distrubtor cap, the best thing to do is use 425 pulleys,,, the crank pulley and water pump will have to change the air conditioning pulley with the bearing..changing these will let you get rid of the air pump if you have one.Or you can just leave the iner belt off the air and power steering pump..might slip if you do that...on your other problem, sounds like a carb problem...
Mr. Eightball , I tried to send you a PM but they said I had to have at least 20 posts:confused: I adjusted my carb (turned the screws all the way in , then backed off 2 turns. Went to my dads checked timing, it was 12 BTDC, adjusted to about 8-9 BTDC, now she is a screamer. My car did just like yours the first time I owned it, My uncle replaced a carb jet and it was fine. If you can send me a PM I will respond to this thread until I am worthy of sending a PM. Thanks, Scott
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