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1970 Eldorado
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Hello all, So its been a while, but I finally think I may have my Eldorado running correctly. The last thing on my to do list is find the cause of the mysterious clunk that occurs when shifting from any gear into reverse. The car will make a sharp clunk when initially shifting into the reverse gear, but after that everything is fine, all shifting in drive gears is fine as well. I have done a few tests to try and pinpoint the problem, and I think I have narrowed it down to the CV joints. I checked the motor mounts the best I could, I put the car into drive and reverse, will holding the brake I applied a sharp gas pedal action, to see if the engine would torque up and shift in its mounts, But she seems sound as a rock. I also tried driving in a tight circle, but I did not notice and more noise suggesting the CV joints. Every so often when at a sharp turn, I can hear a knocking, but its not a constant noise, and only happens sometimes, usually when accelerating from a stop, with the wheels turned hard.

Ok, So i pulled the front wheels off the car, and with the front end on jack stands, I put the brake to the floor and shifted the car into reverse, same clunk. THEN, I did the same thing, but I did NOT put the brake on, and the clunk disappeared. The clunk only occurs when there is resistance on the front axle, like tires, or having the brakes applied. I checked the CV joints by hand, and they appear to not have any play in them, but with the car in park, I can turn the front axle a little, until it seems to catch, maybe this part is normal?
So, i'm at a loss at whats going on here, I don't mean to sound condensing or anything, I just want to describe the problem the best I can, any help would be great appreciated.

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