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1968 Deville Speedometer Cable Clip

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68 deville speedometer cable clip

Hello, I am new to the forum. I bought a 68 coupe deville about a month ago and I am working out some minor details so I can get this thing on the road. I had a question about the wave washer that holds the speedometer cable to the instrument cluster. I am having a terrible time finding one and was wondering if anyone knows if the 69 clip might work or if there were any other models these came on? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I looked on ebay and I can find clips for the 69, but none for 68. They look like two totally different clips. I am trying to attach a picture of the clip I am looking for and a picture of my car on the ride home. I have looked at every site I can think of for this clip and keep coming up short. If you have any other suggestions, I would sure appreciate it.

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I tried the 69-70? clip that is sill available for GM cars and it seems to be holding. I did use a new speedometer cable from NAPA and I think this is why it worked because it did not seem to want to go over the lip of the original 68 cable. If anyone was wondering, I hope this helps. Thanks for your replies.
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