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1968 Deville - Engine overhaul in LA ?

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I have a 68 DeVille Convertible. I need to get the engine overhauled. Any recommendations in the LA area?
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There's no reason to hijack someone's thread for that question. Your post moved to its own thread.
Thank you......kind of unfamiliar with the protocols here.
West side...near Culver a City. 472 motor, 300k miles and still going.
Has anyone here used MTS in Apple Valley. I visited their website. Wow...they do some amazing things. I want my 472 engine restored to stock or better condition with fuel injection and electronic ignition. In the early 70's it got 16 MPG or better on the highway with high-octane fuel. 300K miles later it has never had an overhaul. It just had the valves and timing chain redone at 110K miles.
I use MTS. Marty is great. Give him a call and he will take care if you.
Does anyone have a shop in the LA basin that overhauls the Cadillac 472 motor?
If you don't want to use MTS (and you should), any competent machine shop can do a rebuild of your engine. A google search, or, the Yellow Pages will give you all the candidates.
Thanks. Fixing anything in a car is a license to print money on this side of town. I will check out MTS. Only logical problem for me is that he is 100 miles away. Yellow pages around here are mostly the businesses who can't get a customer by a referral. The smart vendors don't touch the yellow pages any more. It's all in social networking.
I talked to MTS. They are in a little different business than what I think I need. I would have to remove the motor and bring it up to Apple Valley. It would be like a racing car engine when overhauled and blueprinted. I don't think I need that for a street car. Sure sounds like a cool place, however!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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