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1967 deville starting issues

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i have a 67 coupe deville 429 that has had starting problems since i got it. has new flywheel,old one was missing teeth, and a new starter. sometimes when i try to start it it sounds like the starter does not engage until i turn the crank. this is after i changed these items...please i need some help. has any one ran into any of these problems?
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What do you mean "starter does not engage until I turn the crank"? Not clear. Anyway, unless the starter is defective, check the coil and, unless you upgraded to HEI, the points, block, and condenser on the distributor. Good luck.

when i turn the belts it turns the crankshaft which seems to help the starter engage when i try to start the car. but no i have not upgraded any of the engine parts, i just purchased the car in Feb. 09 so i am trying to get to know my first caddy
I wonder if the armature is engaging, or the solenoid is bad?
thanx i was wondering the same thing but i figured it was a new starter. but it is an aftermarket one
Is it new new or remanufactured? I'm inclined to look at the solenoid first.
its a reman so i was thinking of taking the starter to a local alt/starter rebuild shop to have this rebuilt
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