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1965 Deville Help

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I recently bought a 1965 sedan deville looking to make it a project car. The rear panels have a decent amount of rust on them. Wondering where I can find rear fenders/panels for a 65 sedan deville. Thanks any help is appreciated
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Welcome to the forum, dustin :welcome:

You may take a look to They have trunk pans and quarter panel patch panels on their catalog.

You may upload some pics of your 65 when you have some time. We love seeing these old caddies ;)
You may have a call to They have hundreds of cadillacs stored by year. Probably they can sell you fenders in decent condition.

Cadillacs only may be also a good place to call: They seem to have all kind of new and used cadillac parts.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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