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1964 Cadillac Weatherstrip

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Hello all,
I am restoring my 64 DeVille and am in need of some high quality weatherstrip. Can anyone recommend a good company to work with?
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I ordered mine from OGP. even comes with new attachment clips.
Here is a link to the weather strip source of supply that the forum users recommend
Thanks All ? Funny. I don't see anyone but me and you on this thread.
Yea....well I apologize for the avatar. It was a quick post when I first joined and I clicked on the wrong thing. I actually have a 69 Deville convertible. I just finished with the engine rebuild and paint. now doing the interior as I go, but I really love driving this car. the 472 was a beast to rebuild. I had the most trouble putting the heads on without breaking the bolts during the torque sequence. took me several bolts before I finally got a few good ones that didn't snap off. I'm talking NEW bolts that were defective! I will get around to posting an avatar that is a true pic of my car soon, I promise.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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