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1964 429cid valves and lifters - where to buy

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1964 429cid valves and rockers - where to buy

Opened engine heads in my new toy today and 4 valves are bad :mad: and all engine covered inside with some f**** grease. Unbelievable - who does sutch things:confused:
Long story, but anyway i need 4 new valves and rockers.
So can you guys give advice, where to buy? I need to ship them fast too (so its UPS probably?). I tried to contact Maddog Racing in Florida, but seems, that their web page is down :(
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Yes, Egge sells the valves you need! There's other places as well, but they are one of the better ones.
Also, USA Parts Supply should have what you are looking for as well.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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