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160 thermostat queston.....

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Having my exhaust and airfilter placed by my shop on Tues. Asked him to throw the 160 thermostat from Jesse at same time. He was concerned I would need to go back to OEM when things get colder here in VA. Should I be concerned? I am already planning on uploading Jesse's tune at some time which has already been modified for thermostat.

Jesse could you chime in if you are around
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You will be fine. I make the temps go to 185 at regular rpms, That is plenty to make the car hot inside. It is only a 4 minute swap though, so i suppose you could easiely just put in the warmer stat at that time.
do you have to drain some of the coolant during the swap ?
I have my son-in-law here who is a car fanatic as well- he asked me why I didn't go with a mainstream company on my mods. I told him because Jesse has an exellent reputation in the CTVS community and responds to your forum questons ASAP......

Thanks for making me look good on a Saturday mornong Jesse.

No, not much coolant comes out if you act fast. Clamp the one hose you pull off, and then you just undo the bolts, then when the houseing is pulled off, then you just quickly put the different one on and put the housing back in place then tighten the bolts. You will loose less than a gallon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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