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On November 13, 1905, Swiss engineer Alfred Büchli gained a US patent for an exhaust gas-driven air compressor, today called a turbo-charger.

But it was another 10 years before his invention was first used on an internal-combustion engine, a 1915 Liberty airplane engine.

Virtually all early turbochargers were for airplane, marine and railroad engines. In 1938, Saurer produced a turbocharged engine for commercial trucks.

It was 1962 before the first turbocharger was used in production passenger cars - General Motor's high-performance versions of the Oldsmobile F75 Jetfire and Chevrolet Corvair. But GM soon dropped the engine.

BMW was the next automaker to introduce production turbocharged engines. They debuted in 1974 on the BMW 2002 sports sedan.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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