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100,000 mile tune-up

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I have a 2003 CTS with 107,xxx miles. Just had an oil change as well as air and fuel filter replacement. What other services would be recomended at this mileage besides the spark plug and wires, distributor cap, valves checked, pcv valve, clean battery terminals, and checking fluids? Also, should the timing belt/water pump absolutely be replaced at this mileage? What does a Cadillac dealership charge for replacing timing belt/water pump?

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I would change the timing belt and while they are in there, change the water pump as well. I had the dealer do it I think it was arround $650 or 700.

There is no distributor cap or wires on these cars but thanks for the memories. Fuel filter and the CPS if they are original. Good luck and keep it running.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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