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Hi all,

when i bought my STS, I had only the #2 fob with it. i bought one off ebay, and want to add it to my car. Im sure a #1 was programmed at sometime (and this new fob is a #1,) but I've read you have to go through a long process to program it as the #1 fob. Since Im the only person that drives my car, Im happy with just "adding" this fob so that it unlocks the doors and starts the car. I dont care about memory setting or anything on this fob.

What is the process of adding this as a spare fob?
Regardless of what it says on the FOB, your car will try to program it as #3 which sounds fine to you. It's a 1 minute job:
To match a new transmitter to your vehicle when you
have a recognized transmitter, do the following. (assuming this is not a Canadian car)

1. The vehicle must be off.
2. Have the recognized transmitter and the new,
unrecognized transmitter(s) with you.
3. Insert the vehicle key into the key lock cylinder
located on the outside of the driver’s door.
4. Turn the key to the unlock position five times within
five seconds.
5. The Driver Information Center (DIC) will display
READY FOR FOB #X, where X can be 2, 3 or 4.
6. Place the new, unrecognized transmitter into the
transmitter pocket with the transmitter buttons facing
the front of the vehicle. The transmitter pocket is
inside the center console storage area located
between the driver and front passenger seats.
7. Once the transmitter is programmed, a beep will
sound. The DIC will display READY FOR #X,
where X can be 3 or 4, or MAX # FOBS LEARNED.
8. Remove the transmitter from the transmitter pocket
and press the unlock button on the keyless access
transmitter two times.
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